The Best Natural Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate

An enlarged prostate is something that more than 30 million men suffer with at some point in their life. Known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, a prostate can begin to enlarge around the age of 25, but a majority of the symptoms are not felt until a male hits mid-life, around the age of 40. The symptoms can be bothersome and begin to interfere with a man’s social and even work life, making it impossible to live a normal life for fear of embarrassment from incontinence or the frequency of urination. It used to be the only treatment was surgery, but, today there are many natural remedies for an enlarged prostate.

Beta Sitosterol

One of the most common natural remedies for an enlarged prostate is Beta sitosterol. This natural herb is found in foods, such as flaxseed, soy, peanuts, olive oil and many fruits and vegetables. In order to treat your symptoms, you would have to consume a large amount of these various foods on a daily basis. Since that is not always possible, there are supplements available that contain beta sitosterol, as well as various other ingredients, such as zinc, copper, manganese and chromium.

No Side Effects

One of the greatest benefits of choosing natural remedies for an enlarged prostate, such as beta sitosterol, is the lack of side effects it creates. Doctors often prescribe high blood pressure medication for men who have prostate issues, but these medications come with a host of unpleasant side effects. While these medications might be successful in helping you eliminate the unpleasant effects of an enlarged prostate, the side effects of the medication can sometimes be worse.

Overall Treatment

Along with taking beta sitosterol, patients with an enlarged prostate should also take several precautions at home, including avoiding consuming alcohol and caffeine, drinking throughout the day, rather than all once, and taking measurements to reduce stress, including regular exercise. Many doctors also recommend patients with prostate issues avoid using any over-the-counter medications for cold or sinus issues because the antihistamine might make the symptoms worse.

Dealing with an enlarged prostate can be troublesome and even embarrassing for any man over the age of 40. With the right natural remedies for an enlarged prostate, including herbal supplements and a proper diet and exercise, men can eliminate the symptoms and begin to live a normal life once again.

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