What Is the Best Prostate Treatment?

As men age, they start to struggle with many health issues. One of the most common issues is dealing with an enlarged prostate. While not every man will deal with this issue, it is commonplace and causes many unpleasant side effects that make dealing with it extremely difficult. Men starting at age 40 start looking for treatment options when the symptoms get out of hand. If you are searching for the best prostate treatment, you should be informed about all your choices.


Your first line of action to find the best prostate treatment will be to contact your doctor or a urologist. This is, of course, a good choice because the doctor can examine you and send you for any necessary tests to determine if you are dealing with benign prostatic hyperplasia and not something more serious, such as cancer. Once he determines you are dealing with the common symptoms that come with aging and BPH, he will discuss your options with you, including prescription medication and surgery.


There are various medications that were originally created for other purposes but have been found to treat BPH. There are two main medications that are found to be helpful. One is alpha-blockers, which help to decrease the symptoms men experience but does not shrink the actual size of the prostate. The other medication is alpha-inhibitors, which actually block the growth of the DHT hormone that causes a prostate to enlarge. Both medications come with a long list of side effects that can be more bothersome than the original symptoms you began taking medication for, making it a poor choice for many men.


Most men turn to surgery as a last resort. If your prostate is exceptionally large or your symptoms are out of hand, your doctor might recommend surgery. This invasive procedure does not come without side effects either. Some of the effects patients have to deal with after having their prostate removed are incontinence and impotence.

Natural Remedies

The best prostate treatment is one that can provide men with relief from their symptoms without any unpleasant side effects or life-altering results, such as impotence. This solution can be found in natural herbal supplements, such as Beta sitosterol. This herb is known to increase urinary flow, decrease urinary frequency, increase sexual performance and improve a male’s overall health. Feeling the relief of the bothersome prostate symptoms helps men live a happier and healthier life overall.

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